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About Us

My Story

Buckeye Bark® has been a labor of love nearly two decades in the making. I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, where Italian tea cookies are a staple at every wedding, Christmas table and special occasion. And you will always find on those tables the classic Buckeye, representing the great state of Ohio.


When I moved to Maryland in 2000, I began a career in pastries and cakes, and it wasn't long before dessert buffets became very popular among the weddings I was commissioned to do. Although I received positive feedback about all the cookies and goodies I made, it was always the Buckeyes that were the standout. There is nothing like the marriage of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate. 


Throughout years of cookies and cakes and pastries, and planning and talking and COVID, and more COVID, and more talking about how I could put a new spin on this traditional favorite, Buckeye Bark® was born. A handshake deal between golfing buddies led to monthly trips from Maryland to Ohio where we began stocking Buckeye Bark® on the shelves of a handful of Sparkle Markets. And we were suddenly in the wholesale business. Hopefully it will start popping up on store shelves all over!


We've given it a new look, but maintained the same Bark, we hope to bring Buckeye Bark® to as many people as possible by offering it online and in stores. 

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